Why fire retardant impregnation?

Why is it important to flame retard or apply a flame retardant impregnation? The moment you decide to impregnate materials decreases directly the risk that these substances will serve as an accelerator during a fire. Materials which are impregnated catch fire much slower and ensure that extra time to time to evacuate the site. It allows your to save your property!

New classification report on Larch / Larix

In July 2014 Fire-Proof bvba obtained a new classification report by Warrington Fire in Ghent.

Type of wood: Larch

Classification: B-s1-d0

Treatment: in autoclave: vacuum pressure method

Product used: BURNSTOP (fire retardant) and Pelicoat Pro Wood (finishing: water repellant & dust repellant)

Moar info: http://www.autoclave-wood.com/en

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IM-WOOD (new)

We just created the new product BURNSTOP IM-WOOD.

It contains no amionium phosfates so no halogenes are burned.