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Why fire retardant impregnation?

Why is it important to flame retard or apply a flame retardant impregnation? The moment you decide to impregnate materials decreases directly the risk that these substances will serve as an accelerator during a fire. Materials which are impregnated catch fire much slower and ensure that extra time to time to evacuate the site. It allows your to save your property!

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Fire-proof bvba
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2600 Berchem (Antwerp)
T. +32 (3) 281.69.94
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Administrative information
Company number: BE 0458.635.004
Legal register: RPR Antwerpen
Bank account: BNP Paribas Fortisbank 220-0724085-16 or IBAN: BE72 2200 7240 8516 with Swift/BIC: GEBABEBB

New classification report on Larch / Larix

In July 2014 Fire-Proof bvba obtained a new classification report by Warrington Fire in Ghent.

Type of wood: Larch

Classification: B-s1-d0

Treatment: in autoclave: vacuum pressure method

Product used: BURNSTOP (fire retardant) and Pelicoat Pro Wood (finishing: water repellant & dust repellant)

Moar info: http://www.autoclave-wood.com/en

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IM-WOOD (new)

We just created the new product BURNSTOP IM-WOOD.

It contains no amionium phosfates so no halogenes are burned.

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